Challenges in AI
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Well, we all are looking towards the benefits of Artificial Intelligence but how often do we discuss the challenges present. In today’s era, AI is deemed as a golden egg-laying goose by businesses and governments. Every day we witness different kinds of breakthrough research and new achievements being unlocked by AI. It seems like we are riding a new wave of revolution which is all set to automate the boring mundane tasks and even more than that. From reading about a driver-less car to seeing one running on the road, the technology has come a long way. However, this is…

body insecurities, self love, self acceptance, flaws
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Mirror Mirror on the wall

Will they accept me at all?

Shopping for an event, a big thing coming up next week, or got a date with that cute guy. All these situations lead to one definite question, what should I wear to make a lasting impression? Is this not the dilemma that we all have faced at some point in life? Welcome, everyone! We are talking about body insecurities, something which we often swipe under the carpet and dread away from discussing. …

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A human takes birth as he comes out of a uterus of a woman who is too weak to even move yet strong enough to bring a new life in the world and if this isn’t the greatest miracle of nature, I wonder what it is? The baby learns to eat, walk, read and write until he becomes just like any other human being, though ironically holding a belief that he is unique. He goes to school, finishes college gets a job, and pays bills for the rest of his life. Simultaneously, he builds several relationships and interestingly has a…

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Dear Younger Self,

Today is Christmas and I know you are filled with joy after discovering chocolates under your pillow. Probably, you are wondering how did Santa come to know that you want chocolates in present. I will curb your inquisitiveness, so hold on! Your wonderful parents overheard your conversation with a friend, where you were discussing Santa. But instead of disappointing you, by telling you that Santa is a fictional character, they secretly slid chocolates the previous night.

Continue reading, as I will share some more facts with you. Santa isn’t an old man with a long white beard…

Even the most beautiful song ends at some note.
Even the sun sets after rising in full glory.
Even the colorful spring turns into pale winter.
Even the most intelligent person succumbs to death.
Even the earth capitulates at times of quake.
Even the ocean waves are controlled by Moon’s gravity.
Even the tree gets uprooted in the thunderstorm.
So, my fellow human, you are just another being experiencing turmoil, and trust me it won’t last forever.
For new songs are composed.
For the sun rises the very next day.
For spring arrives in full bloom every year.
For wiser humans take birth.
For mountains are formed at the times of quake.
For ocean gets calmed.
For new saplings get planted.
All that seems impossible and difficult is necessary to become stronger and a calmer, brighter, happier and more beautiful future awaits on the other side.

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To the most beautiful Machine,

It has been almost 2 years since I started working with you. At first, I was amazed to learn about your configurations because I never got a chance to work with beauties like you. They say that wine improves with age. I don’t know much about it but what I know is that our relationship definitely improves with each passing day.

To be honest, I didn’t like working on weekends because I had to go back to my old Machine. You are so smooth and efficient that even after so many years of work at…

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A passionate Machine Learning Engineer who loves to pour out her heart on paper. Find me on Linkedin

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