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Dear Younger Self,

Today is Christmas and I know you are filled with joy after discovering chocolates under your pillow. Probably, you are wondering how did Santa come to know that you want chocolates in present. I will curb your inquisitiveness, so hold on! Your wonderful parents overheard your conversation with a friend, where you were discussing Santa. But instead of disappointing you, by telling you that Santa is a fictional character, they secretly slid chocolates the previous night.

Continue reading, as I will share some more facts with you. Santa isn’t an old man with a long white beard and a hilarious laugh but the concept of Santa still pertains. Don’t be confused, you will understand this. In this life, at various points, different people will play the role of Santa for you. Sometimes, your parents will act as Santa by standing by your side even during the times when you will be least expecting them to do so. Sometimes, it will be your friends who will wipe off your tears and make you laugh at your stupid impulsive decisions. Sometimes, it will be your teachers who will teach you things beyond course books.

But I am writing this to you for times when you wouldn’t want to come out of your bed and will feel sad without knowing the cause of it. For the times when the outgoing person in you would hide behind the shell and would not know how to talk about it. For the times when you don’t want to do the things that you enjoy the most. On such days, remember to *BE YOUR SANTA! Gift yourself some time to come out of that situation, order an extra cheese pizza along with a chocolate cake, call your mom, watch a movie or just pour your heart on the paper. But continue believing in the magic of yourself and everything shall fall back in its place eventually!
I will write to you soon but till then enjoy those chocolates and continue wondering about this mysterious world.

Yours loving
Bhawna :)

A passionate Machine Learning Engineer who loves to pour out her heart on paper. Find me on Linkedin

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