Even the most beautiful song ends at some note.
Even the sun sets after rising in full glory.
Even the colorful spring turns into pale winter.
Even the most intelligent person succumbs to death.
Even the earth capitulates at times of quake.
Even the ocean waves are controlled by Moon’s gravity.
Even the tree gets uprooted in the thunderstorm.
So, my fellow human, you are just another being experiencing turmoil, and trust me it won’t last forever.
For new songs are composed.
For the sun rises the very next day.
For spring arrives in full bloom every year.
For wiser humans take birth.
For mountains are formed at the times of quake.
For ocean gets calmed.
For new saplings get planted.
All that seems impossible and difficult is necessary to become stronger and a calmer, brighter, happier and more beautiful future awaits on the other side.

A passionate Machine Learning Engineer who loves to pour out her heart on paper. Find me on Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/

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