Trying to live with the LOSS

Photo by Luis Galvez on Unsplash

A human takes birth as he comes out of a uterus of a woman who is too weak to even move yet strong enough to bring a new life in the world and if this isn’t the greatest miracle of nature, I wonder what it is? The baby learns to eat, walk, read and write until he becomes just like any other human being, though ironically holding a belief that he is unique. He goes to school, finishes college gets a job, and pays bills for the rest of his life. Simultaneously, he builds several relationships and interestingly has a name for all of them, well not all of them. He spends the entire life with a few people whom he considers his circle. These are the people who are there to share his joy, to lighten up the burden he is carrying, to wipe away his tears, and to make the monotonous life enjoyable. Throughout the process, he is collecting memories only to remember when they are gone.

Gone? Yes, this is the unsaid, unacceptable but undeniably the hardest truth of life. Some take a leave from your life but everyone takes a leave from this world. They say, “We are sorry for your loss”. Loss — a small four-lettered word that seems the heaviest when felt. The pain is so intense that it goes in deep and circulates in the whole body, burning every inch of skin, questioning the world, its rules, and the way it functions. Suddenly, the ground underneath sweeps away and you feel a serious discomfort right there in the chest. Tears find their way as they rush out uncontrollably and roll down the cheeks. You sit down with your head held in palms, questioning Someone up there, why did they go? No answers are heard but this is how it works says your mind.

You cry for a few days, maybe weeks or months understanding and adjusting to the absence of the person. The tears are all dried up, the throat thirsty from all the screaming, the brain tired of imagining all the What-ifs. The phone has several missed calls but none from the one that you were expecting. From the state of denial, you have reached the stage of acceptance. This is the unwritten law of the world, anything/anyone that takes birth has to die one day. Science has mastered techniques to fix a broken leg or replace the kidney but it can’t bring back the dead. The great Pharaohs could build the jaw-dropping Pyramids but couldn’t defeat death. The most certain thing about this uncertain world is inevitable death. Wish goodbyes to the ones who have left, celebrate the legacy that they have lived, and continue living the same way because why lament over something that is bound to happen someday.

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